The money that you get from rent is income that will increase your monthly revenue but are taxable every year. However, with capital gains it accumulates only when the property is sold, so tax is payable in the year of sale. To get the right amount of capital appreciation, the purchase price of the asset is adjusted using an index. Therefore, the indexed acquisition cost reflects the usual inflationary effects on the cost of housing.There many kinds of investment properties out there such as homes, commercial establishments, agricultural lands and so on. But before an investor should make any purchase of properties, he or she should have a clear vision on what sort of venture that would fit his or her future plan. It would only pose trouble or it will be if an investor will dive into something without enough study or research on the intended investment.It is wise to buy property investment to give you additional income during the retirement period. Rent is a good way to beat the inflation as rents may increase in time and can also be mortgaged but investment properties don’t come cheap. How the property is being used defines if it is an investment hence the common demand for every other real estate property is applicable to other investment property as well. investasi saham

Finance is needed to buy the property since the cost is getting higher. But not a lot of banks are willing to help with investment property financing because the number of delinquent buyers have raised during the past years. That’s why many bankers hesitant to provide finance for such purchase.There’s one other means to get investment property financing and that is to refinance the present mortgage or taking added mortgage on existing ones. The withdrawal equity can almost cover the down payment stated under investment property financing and it depends upon the number of years since the mortgage started. The good thing about raising funds is that the interest rate is almost the same as the home loans and better bargain is to extend its term by lowering the installment on existing mortgage to be able to easily manage the monthly outflows. As far as the rental income goes, the property investment really adds up the borrower’s income making the borrower for higher amount of refinance or loan.


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