Wigs might be produced either from artificial or authentic human hair. Artificial wig fibers can be machine or hand sewn in the cap, While using the latter becoming much more normal-looking but dearer. Human hair wigs originate from China, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Costlier hair fibers come from Europe. Typical, cheap wigs worn everyday need to get replaced each 3 to 6 months. High-quality human hair wigs can previous three to 4 yrs.

Historic significance of hair

Most wigs have Velcro adjustable straps or an adjustable band full lace wig  to assist secure them to the scalp. Bonding and taping could be employed for attachment but may perhaps cause Get in touch with dermatitis, Primarily from wig adhesives for instance acrylates (Torchia et al. 2008). Cases of allergic Get in touch with dermatitis to adhesives happen to be reported, significantly With all the prevalent use of cyanoacrylate (Sornakumar et al. 2013). Newer hair units use adhesion on all the location of attachment to The bottom, not just the perimeter, creating the cap sense more a Element of the person’s scalp (Banka et al. 2012). Other choices for wig attachment include taping, which allows for simplicity of placement and elimination; bonds, for lengthier intervals of adhesion; and clips, for short term attachment that can certainly be eradicated.

An option for individuals with hair thinning although not significant hair loss is integration wigs (Donovan et al. 2012). The individual’s hair may be pulled by way of perforations from the wig to include wig and unique hair (Fig. five). Integration wigs are a broadly available solution via most organizations that promote wigs and hair


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